Contacts for Consular services

Embassy of India, Avenida Pio XII, 30-32, 28016 Madrid.

General: Acceptance of Applications for Consular services - 0900 hours to 1230 hours. The token numbers for consular services are issued up to 1130 hours. Delivery of Documents - 1030 hours to 1300 hours. (Monday to Friday - except closed holidays or when the Embassy of India is closed on rare occasions under Government of India directives).

Please first go through the Consular Services section of the website of the Embassy. Due to the large number of telephonic calls received at the Embassy, sometimes there may be a significant waiting time before your call is answered. You are, therefore, encouraged to get in touch with the Consular section by email, in the format as below

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Date of application
  3. Contact details: Mobile number, Email id
  4. Receipt Number, if any:
  5. Old passport no., if any:
  6. Subject: (Pl mention Passport, PIO, OCI, Visa, Consular… whatever is relevant)
  7. Brief description of the issue:
OCI Card related: OCI Assistant
Visa & PIO Card related: Attaché (Visa)
Passport Re-Issue, Replacement in lieu of Lost/ Damaged one, Fresh passport for new born babies & Emergency Certificate: Passport Assistant
Consular Services - Attestations, Issue of certificate, registration of birth/death, registrations with the Embassy, PCC & POA etc.: Consular Assistant
Queries regarding status of applications sent by post

If your query is not answered in a week's time, please get in touch with Second Secretary (Cons) on email or First Secretary (Consular) on email:

If the information sought is not on the website, telephonic calls can be made (0930 to 1300 hours and 1400 hours to 1700 hrs on all working days) at following phone numbers:
Reception Tel No.: +34-913098870
Ambassador's office Tel No. +34-913098873

After office hours, the telephone number for contact is: 0034 913098889

After office hours, emergency contact number for Consular cases is: 0034 619752305